Xiaomi Mi 5 now expected to cost between $385 and $460 when it finally launches

Although Xiaomi can’t even afford to dream yet of Samsung or LG-rivaling brand awareness on the Western hemisphere, the low-profile Chinese OEM’s next-gen flagship has pretty much managed to measure up to the Galaxy S7 in terms of buzz recently.

That’s in part because the Mi 5 is nearly guaranteed to land a little sooner, namely in January, and until hearing about a prospective Snapdragon 820 exclusivity window for Samsung, the underdog was also believed to be the world’s first phone to carry the super-advanced quad-core Qualcomm chip.

An e-tailer which previously hit the mark with a few similar product exposés spilled the beans on Xiaomi Mi 5’s full spec sheet and pricing earlier this week, but as it turns out, at least that distressing valuation was nothing more than a placeholder.

In the meantime, the premature listing disappeared altogether, and the Chief Engineer of the China Telecom Guangzhou Research Institute told local press the Mi 5 would likely cost 3,000 Yuan tops, i.e. roughly $460.

There’s a strong possibility Xiaomi will offer a slightly lower-end configuration too at CNY 2,500, or $385, packing 3 instead of 4 gigs of RAM, and accommodating 32, not 128GB data internally. Alas, the newest word around the block is you’ll need to wait until Q2 to actually buy the Xiaomi Mi 5, which means the formal introduction could go down three months or so before a commercial domestic rollout.

We don’t even want to imagine how much it’ll take to bring the SD820 powerhouse stateside, presuming the fast-rising Asian manufacturer’s expansion plans are still in full swing.

Source: Gizmochina

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