Xiaomi Mi 4S packs a fair punch for just $260, with Snapdragon 808 inside

Xiaomi finally looks just about ready to take on the mobile industry’s heavyweights on a global scale, simultaneously unveiling the Mi 5 flagship in Barcelona and Beijing, but at the same time, the Chinese OEM remains focused on offering its domestic fans what they like best.

Impressively powerful, remarkably elegant devices at unusually low prices, that is, and the Mi 4S takes it all to thrilling new heights. Despite what the name suggests, this is a substantial upgrade over the 2014 Mi 4, both in terms of build quality and specifications.

Just as compact and easy to handle as its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi 4S measures 5 inches in diagonal, sports Full HD screen resolution, and combines premium glass and metal for top-notch aesthetics. Still, it’s only 7.8mm thick, and tips the scales at 133 grams, somehow managing to also accommodate a massive 3,260 mAh battery under the hood.

Xiaomi Mi 4S-back

Speaking of, a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor keeps the bad boy ticking, aided by 3 generous gigs of RAM. There’s no microSD card slot, which is a bit of an inconvenience, but you’re offered 64GB internal storage space as standard. And dual SIM support, and 4G LTE connectivity, and even fingerprint recognition.

The 13 megapixel rear-facing camera is pretty darn competent too, with phase detection autofocus and two-tone LED flash, and the icing on the cake is obviously the price tag. Only 1,700 RMB in China, or roughly $260. Come on, Xiaomi, you can’t possibly be so cruel as to keep this affordable powerhouse region-exclusive.

Source: MIUI

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