Not just the Galaxy Note 7: Xiaomi Mi 4c allegedly explodes, causing third-degree burns

If it can happen to one of the world’s most successful and, until recently, trusted smartphone manufacturers, it can definitely happen to any other OEM as well. In fact, it did happen several times before the global scandal of chain Galaxy Note 7 explosions blew up (pun intended), to companies as diverse as LG, Apple and Xiaomi.

Fortunately for them, the incidents were isolated and seemingly unconnected, occasionally having the owners of hazardous devices to blame for mishandling fickle components like batteries and accessories including cables and chargers.

Still, Xiaomi should start worrying about the mobile consumers’ perception of its otherwise respectable, growingly popular products, as a potentially faulty and mischievous Mi 4c unit is alleged to have randomly caught fire in Zhejiang, China.

Since this was “safely” stored in its proprietor’s back trouser pocket, the unfortunate event caused quite a bit of damage to, let’s say, his hip area. Yes, the jokes write themselves, but we assure you, if you dare to click the source link below and check out the shocking image of the explosion’s aftermath, you won’t feel like kidding around anymore.

Keep in mind, this is the third such “episode” involving a Xiaomi phone reported in less than two months, though the circumstances of the latest mishap remain largely under wraps.

Source: Gizchina

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