Purported Xiaomi Max render exposed in full, no frontal Mi logo present

One of China’s largest smartphone manufacturers appears stuck in a rut of late, incapable of further boosting its domestic numbers, and possibly even looking at a sales decline this year if it doesn’t pursue its American dream.

But perhaps the solution to Xiaomi’s “problems” lies in its willingness to change… something. You have to admit the OEM’s product roadmap has become a little boring and predictable recently, not to mention all the ultra-low-cost brand dilution.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Xiaomi Max at least sounds different and relatively original, especially after the voice of the people was listened to in relation to branding, and although it’ll likely look extremely similar to the Mi 5 on the whole, it should also introduce a major change.

Unlike most of the company’s previous flagships, the Max will ditch the prominent top left Mi logo on its face, either moving the emblem to its rear, or discarding it altogether. This suggests the full device name will be Xiaomi Max, not Mi Max or Mi 5 Max, which would be a refreshing alteration.

A fairly high-quality render that we’re not really sure is authentic showcases super-slim screen bezels as well, plus a home key-aping fingerprint scanner that wasn’t there when assembly line pics of the front panel leaked.

Overall, the Xiaomi Max strikes us as respectably elegant in a low-key way, and of course, ginormous, with a 6 to 6.4-inch display in tow. Expect the high-end phablet out in Chinese stores as early as next month, with Snapdragon 820 inside, and a price tag close to the equivalent of $500.

Sources: MyDrivers, Gizmochina

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