The world’s fifth most successful smartphone vendor during Q2 2017 was on the verge of reaching number one in the second largest market between July and September, looking good for the regional gold medal within a couple of quarters tops.

Relying mainly on low-cost, low-end Android devices, especially in India, Xiaomi continues to break records and set ambitious goals, shipping more than 10 million smartphone units on a global scale for its second consecutive month.

The Chinese OEM’s October milestone was boasted on Twitter by Senior Vice President Wang Xiang before the first month of the year-end quarter actually concluded, suggesting a tally well exceeding 10 mil.

Things will probably only get better for Xiaomi throughout November and December, particularly in the Western Hemisphere, where the company’s retail presence is much weaker than across Asia.

But the holiday season is a time for bargain shopping, and Spain will soon become the first country in Western Europe to officially receive inventory of unnamed Xiaomi products. The local launch event is scheduled for November 7, and if we were to hazard a guess, we’d expect the Mi A1 to spread the Android One love to a new, relatively high-profile territory.

Spain is obviously teased as merely Xiaomi’s “first stop” in the region, with other key markets likely to follow suit in the not too distant future.

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