Qualcomm took us all by surprise a couple of months back with the (vague) announcement of an entirely new family of smartphone processors, meant to further blur the lines between mid-range and high-end Android devices. One of the first Snapdragon 700-series chips expected to see daylight later this year is the 710, which is strongly rumored by a very credible source to power two mysterious Xiaomi handsets codenamed Comet and Sirius, among many others.

The Snapdragon 710 SoC is today tipped to combine two state-of-the-art Cortex A75-based Kryo CPU cores and six energy-efficient customized Cortex-A55 cores in a somewhat unusual big.LITTLE architecture supporting both power-demanding tasks and lighter use cases where maximizing battery life becomes more important.

The integration of an as-yet-unreleased Adreno 615 GPU is also pretty much etched in stone for affordable “high-tier” phones like the upcoming Xiaomi “Comet” and “Sirius”, both of which will reportedly sport sharp OLED screens. Only the latter model has a notch, according to early speculation, with battery capacity circling 3100mAh on both cryptic Mi-branded devices, and Android 8.1 Oreo expected to run the software show out the box.

Speaking of branding, Qualcomm purportedly had the initial intention of calling this Snapdragon 710 processor the 670. There’s reason to believe that’s no longer the case, but either way, the mid-range smartphone speed bar will be raised to a new level in just a few months.

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