Comcast’s shot at roughing with the US’s major wireless carriers may be worth its salt in its early days. Bloomberg reports from its source that Xfinity Mobile has garnered about 200,000 subscribers within its first five months — about two months of which were spent on a gradual roll-out of the service.

The operation, which runs on a combination of Verizon’s cellular network and open-ended access to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots, pales in comparison to the many millions of the major wireless carriers. Customers wishing to sign up must already have Xfinity home internet and TV service and must subscribe to one of either two plans: one with unlimited cellular data or one with unlimited, but metered usage by the gigabyte.

Analysts estimate that Comcast is paying Verizon wholesale rates of up to $4 per gigabyte. On the metered plan, Xfinity Mobile then turns it around to charge $12 per gigabyte initiated. The company itself has said that the metered plan is the most popular option of the two and that “every incremental customer pays for itself.”

Even with overhead — acquiring the latest device stock from Apple, Samsung and LG and other costs — the market thinks that the operation will be profitable.

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