The OnePlus 6T McLaren edition is the first and only phone to come with its new 30-watt fast-charge method, appropriately named Warp Charge 30.

Like many of the fast-charging solutions coming out of Chinese companies, most of the conversion from the mains — and, therefore, the energy consumption and heat generation — takes place in the power adapter. The OnePlus 6T McLaren is able to receive all that power without having to throttle on performance. Supposedly.

The major difference between what was formerly known as Dash Charge and Warp Charge 30? The current increases from 4A to 6A on a 5V potential. The obvious outcome is that it takes less time to charge any given device, though this technology is proprietary to the OnePlus 6T McLaren edition.

As our partners at XDA-Developers report, OnePlus does not support the USB Power Delivery standard — if you can settle for a slow charge in a real pinch, you’re welcome to plug in almost any charger you’d like — so the only real way to get fast charging is to use the Warp Charge power adapter included with the OnePlus phone.

As for actual payload and heat? Well, in testing Warp Charge 30 against the older 20-watt Dash Charge, a USB Power Delivery charger and Apple’s 5W block, Warp Charge 30 generated the most heat when charging from 5 percent to 20 percent — temperatures top out at an external reading of 39°C versus 32°C on Dash Charge, its closest neighbor. Like other charging methods, however, temperatures usually peak early before current and voltage determinations stabilize. Warp Charge 30 cooled off after 30 percent, though it did spend most of its remaining time above 34°C. Charging while on a workload — Fortnite was XDA’s choice of taxation — was more brutal on the 6T with a peak reading of 45°C.

The good news? It takes less than an hour to fully charge a McLaren 6T with Warp Charge 30 and only 5 or 6 minutes longer when playing Fortnite while attached to the outlet. On the same conditional basis, Dash Charge took 80 minutes and had a workload gap of more than 20 minutes. That’s more work and more potential exposure to battery degradation.

The overall conclusion is that OnePlus 6T McLaren edition owners can use an older Dash Charge adapter in a pinch, but should opt to use their Warp Charge 30 block if possible. For more detailed results, head over to XDA-Developers.

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