At E3, Microsoft kind of renamed their Zune music service to Xbox Music.  It’s pretty safe to assume that support for this new renamed service will come to Windows Phone 8 just with a few minor rebranding changes.  However, it looks like Windows Phone 8 will finally get Movies/TV support in the Marketplace.  Marc Whitten of Microsoft shared a letter on Major Nelson’s Blog that mentions some of the new Xbox services that will be coming to both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Xbox on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Xbox is the premium entertainment experience for video, music, and games on your Xbox 360, on Windows 8 and on Windows Phone. And of course our LIVE service makes it even easier to share, discover, play and more with all of your content.

  • – Xbox Music will bring you a world-class music library and great new ways to enjoy, share and discover new music across all of your Windows devices.
  • – Xbox Games makes your experience with the console even better. You’ll have access to your avatar, recent games and leaderboards, and connections to your friends, giving you anywhere access to things you love about Xbox on the console. You can even purchase Xbox 360 games from anywhere and have them ready for download the moment you turn on your console.
  • – Xbox Video provides you access to the video marketplace, making it easy to browse and search for TV episodes and movies. You can see your videos in your personal collection and even cue the TV show or movie up on your Xbox 360.


The most interesting bullet point in his letter is the one about Xbox Video coming to Windows Phone 8.  It is a bit vague, but it sounds like Windows Phone 8 users should be able to download or stream movies and TV shows on their phones in addition to playing them over the Xbox connected to a TV as well as any Windows 8 PC.  Currently with Windows Phone 7, you need to use the Zune desktop software to browse, purchase, and download video content from the Marketplace, and then use it again to sync the videos to your phone.  Being able to browse movies/video content from the phone and then watch it right there, or finish watching it at home on an Xbox could be a very compelling feature.

Source: Mobility Digest

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