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Microsoft has made it clear on occasions more than one that the Xbox Series X will be crazy fast, and that backward compatibility will be a big part of the package. Today, the company has announced that Xbox Series X can apply HDR effect to older games released as far back as the original Xbox console, and it will also boost the frame rates by double the margin.

The company will rely on an HDR reconstruction technique that enables the platform to automatically add HDR effect to older games without any help from developers, making them look much better on the Xbox Series X than their original platform. However, Microsoft assures that adding HDR to an older title won’t have any negative impact on the gameplay experience.

In fact, Microsoft says that the Xbox division is also working on a new feature that will double the frame rate of older games running on its next-gen console. In case of some titles, the frame rate will go up to a silky smooth 120fps from 60fps. Moreover, compatible classic games will also be able to take advantage of faster load times and resolution upscaling on the Xbox Series X without having to change any core element.

Source: Xbox

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