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Xbox app on PC will let you install games in any folder you want

By Roland Udvarlaki November 12, 2021, 11:00 am
Xbox app on PC Source: Microsoft

Microsoft is trying its best to appeal more to PC gamers with a new update that will allow users to install games to any folder on the computer. The new feature will allow users to manage their files and games better, and it’s something that most other platforms such as Steam have been offering since forever.

The information comes from TheVerge, who shared a recent report confirming the changes. If and when applications are installed through the Microsoft Store, all of the contents are placed within the WindowsApps folder on the computer, which is restricted and cannot be managed to prevent the game files from being altered and changed. This also meant that Microsoft didn’t offer any ways for gamers to save profiles, modify games with additional content, or save backups of their files in an efficient way.

In the new update, Xbox for PC app will allow users to install games in any folder they pick. This is especially useful for those who may have a slower internet connection and may be required to fully re-install Windows. If a user has enough storage to back up all of their games, re-installing will be simple and quick.

The Xbox app will also gain an option to verify games and repair game files without re-installing the entire game, which can be tricky for games that take up 100GB or more storage. This is yet another feature that has been brought over from Steam, and it’s certainly a welcome addition as it can save many hours of downloading times and a lot of frustration.

The video also highlights that Microsoft is focusing more on the modding community. It wants developers and fans to create additional content and share it with others for free. It’s great to see that such features will soon be available, although no exact time frame has been given yet.

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