wwdc 2013

Apple is holding its developer conference (WWDC) in approximately two weeks. WWDC is roughly analogous to the Google I/O that concluded a few weeks ago. According to the WWDC website, we will be able to get an in-depth look at what to expect next in both iOS as well as OS X and developers will be shown how to take their apps “to the next level”. It’s really an impressive shindig with over 100 sessions, hands-on labs, events, and even the opportunity to connect with Apple engineers and fellow developers — and Google may be laying in wait to steal Apple’s thunder with Android 4.3.

As Google I/O 2013 drew to a close without any news of an update to its Android operating system we suspected that Google might be withholding the next version of Android (even if it were only a minor release) to correspond with Apple’s developer conference. We also suspected the next version of Android would be released on an updated Nexus 4, probably dressed in white. Apple already has a white iPhone, so a white Nexus 4 is just playing catch-up.

Now that the white Nexus 4 is no longer speculation and Android 4.3 has been confirmed to be the OS powering it, we suspect Google will take the opportunity to make the white version of the Nexus 4 available via the Play Store on June 10th, just as Apple announces any new hardware to its product line-up. Additionally, we suspect Android 4.3 will also be officially announced with an update calendar for when various Nexus devices should get the update. As has been done in the past, we think Google will make the Android 4.3 images available for download for those who do not want to wait for an OTA update to arrive.

Why would Google do such a thing? Turn about is fair play. More often than we’d care to admit one company is sniping at another, trying to piggyback on news from its rivals. “Hey we just got feature X!” “That’s nothing, our feature Y is so much better than feature X!”

UPDATE: Apple will announce iOS 7 at WWDCThe real question is whether or not Apple will announce iOS 7 at WWDC 2013. All signs point to yes, but it is possible that Apple will “pull a Google” and only announce updates to core services and apps, and to development tools as well. In reality, however, chances are that iOS will be shown off in excruciating detail, with an availability date of a few months down the road. To rebut, Google may announce the immediate availability of Android 4.3, and the release of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie around the same time that iOS 7 is available for iProducts.

From where we stand it’s not a matter of if Google will try to steal some of Apple’s WWDC 2013 thunder as it is what it will try and steal it with.

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