It looks like Apple’s best way of teasing the future to all of us is with the patent. If you want to dread and fight all about it, well, keep tabs on Samsung. We first saw a piece of Apple’s future (possibly in tune with an iPhone, but applicable to any form factor) back in March 2013 with a patent application regarding a device with a wraparound, flexible display.

Now, within a burst of 28 approved patents from the Patent and Trademark Office, we see that the all-around display device patent is among them. Patent #9,146,590 features the following claim:

An electronic device, comprising: a housing defining an interior volume, the housing comprising a transparent housing component having a curved interior surface; and a flexible display assembly coupled to and in contact with the curved interior surface of the transparent housing component ….

This takes the whole LG G Flex concept to another level. But to what effect will this be cool to us, the consumer? Apparently, you can look at images and videos constructed for viewing as an endless loop. It means that many of the physical buttons and switches on an iPhone would become virtual. The camera components would be pinched for space to peek out of the screen. A portion of the display can be inked or painted out so there can be a “back” to the device.

Here’s some relevant art, all of it is available at the source (images are linked at the bottom of the USPTO page):

If anyone else had the idea to go all-screen on their phones, they’ll have to give Apple its due check.

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office
Via: PhoneArena


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