Analyst forecasts ‘wraparound’ 5.8-inch OLED iPhone X, iPhone 7s and 7s Plus with LCD screens

After going almost a week without a single iPhone 8/7s rumor or educated guess (new record?), it should come as no big surprise that a well-connected financial analyst has a bunch of fresh predictions to throw into the mix.

Cowen and Company Managing Director Timothy Arcuri thus joins a larger and larger group of tipsters and pundits expecting not two, but three next-gen iPhones unveiled this year, including a duo of incremental “s” upgrades, and a “feature-rich”, game-changing X model.

Wait, iPhone X? That… weirdly makes sense, considering the iOS handheld family’s recent tenth anniversary, but such a bold new name could badly damage the inherent appeal of a prospective iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

It’s probably a codename though, so let’s not get worked up over it, focusing instead on Arcuri’s predicted list of major updates. You have your now widely accepted “wraparound” screen design, aka borderless look, with OLED technology, several “under-glass” key components, like the earpiece, FaceTime camera and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, plus “some form” of facial and gesture recognition, as well as wireless charging.

Pretty exciting stuff all around, even if it’s not the first time these innovative technologies are speculated, and plenty of doubt still hovers over part yields and “problematic” availability. The current plan is apparently to make the iPhone 8/X squeeze into a 5.8-inch body (no bezels, remember), with the 7s and 7s Plus retaining the classic 4.7/5.5-inch sizes, and likely not dumping LCD technology either.

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