Microsoft Ran Out Of Time With Windows Phone 8, Rumored To Test Own Phone

When Microsoft initially launched Windows Phone 7 back in the day there were quite a lot of features missing. The media, analysts and critics all opined that Redmond has rushed the product to the market, something Microsoft agreed to up to a certain extent. It seems that history is repeating itself: “we ran out of time”, said Microsoft’s Thomas Fennel at the Build conference.

He was referring to a Notification Center that Microsoft reportedly had in mind for Windows Phone 8 to collect all the notifications. Instead, because the company “ran out of time”, Microsoft is pushing the idea that Live Tiles are serving as a way to notify users of what’s going on – even though there could be several situations where a Live Tile is not present but a notification comes in.

On a related note we’ve heard lots of rumors about Microsoft building its own phone, called Surface or not. The question comes logically after Microsoft’s own Surface tablets and according to the Wall Street Journal’s sources the Redmond company is already testing its own phone with Asian suppliers. However, there is no information whether said phone –allegedly featuring a four-point-something-inch screen– will ever reach mass production.

Whether a Surface phone would make any sense is anyone’s guess. Nokia and HTC are strong promoters of the Windows Phone 8 platform and Microsoft if putting a lot of effort in supporting these OEMs. A Surface phone will definitely take some customers away from Microsoft’s partners on one hand but, on the other hand, as with the case of Surface, it will increase the buzz and recognition of the platform itself. We’re pretty much seeing Microsoft going Google Nexus with this, if all plans turn into reality.

Source: The Verge, WSJ

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