The past few months have brought us plenty of leaks, rumors, and speculation about what’s next for Windows Phone system software. Primarily, that’s meant looking forward to what to expect from WP8 GRD3, tipped to finally introduce quad-core SoC and 1080p display support, but considering just how many WP8 users are on Nokia hardware, we’ve also had a lot of focus on the company’s own Bittersweet Shimmer enhancements. One thing that’s become a hallmark of leaked photos of upcoming devices running GDR3 has been the increased density of Live Tiles on the start screen, seemingly in response to these new 1080p screens – or at least that’s what we though. A new unofficial “changelog” has been going around, and while a lot of what it mentions is stuff we’ve heard about before, one thing that sticks out is the assertion that these extra Live Tiles won’t be a 1080p exclusive, but will also be coming to 1280 x 768 WXGA handsets.

That means that current models like the 920, 928, and 1020, once the GDR3 update is released later this year, will be able to scale their Live Tiles down and cram in that extra column of large tiles.

To be fair, we’ve seen the first signs of this kind of thing already, with leaked pics of an apparent 920 running GDR3 with just those extra tiles, but this finally spells it out as a feature that should be coming to all WXGA devices.

It also has us reevaluating our assumptions about upcoming WP8 devices. Sure, the 1520 (above) will likely have a 1080p screen, but what of the smaller 929? Earlier, the extra tiles had us assuming it was 1080p like the 1520, but if this info is true, that needn’t necessarily be the case.

Source: WPCentral
Via: GSM Arena

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