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Just over one week ago, Microsoft released its Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers, giving users everywhere the opportunity to get an early look at the platform update coming down by means of OTA updates in the weeks and months to come. We were quite excited to see the software arrive, and had been anxiously tracking progress towards its release; from what we saw in the comments, many of you Windows Phone users were similarly enthusiastic. But just how many Windows Phone fans went through the steps required to install the preview, whether they considered themselves capital-D developers or not? Some data gathered by ad networks suggests that this release was a decently sized success, with well over a million WP8 users installing WP8.1 on their phones.

This info was gathered last Thursday, a few days after the preview was released, and already some 3.1 percent of active Windows Phone users were running 8.1. Extrapolating based on estimates of the overall size of the WP user base, and that could account for north of 1.5 million handsets on WP8.1.

Granted, some of those are going to be actual developers, but we’re also looking at a huge number of end users who were just so excited to check out WP8.1 that they registered as devs with Microsoft’s App Studio program to get early access to the update. Considering Microsoft only saw some 200K devs participate in the preview last time around, this also represents some massive growth.

We’ve already heard from many of you who were downloading the preview first chance you got, but how about the others: if you haven’t installed the 8.1 preview just yet, why not? Let us know your reasons in the comments below.

Source: AdDuplex/WPCentral

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