WP7 Gets First Update Jailbroken Before Release?

Nearly all of you Windows Phone 7 owners should be familiar with the ChevronWP7 unlock tool, and may be aware that the security hole it exploits to unlock your device will be closed with the the first WP7 update. Not wasting any time, Julien Schapman is readying a new solution for release; Windows Phone Device Manager.

The new application will contain a suite of useful tools, including a file explorer, device lock/unlocker, a sideloaded app manager (install/uninstall), and file sync. The application will also support file syncing over WiFi, in addition to the typical USB support. Windows Phone Device Manager will be compatible with all WP7 devices, in contrast to the separately available file browser TouchXplorer which only works with HTC devices.

In a recent Facebook update, Julien states that he will delay the release of Windows Phone Device Manager until MS pushes out their first update. The current ChevronWP7-style unlocking method will be shut down and he wants to ensure the application’s new method will work after the patch.

Understandably, no detailed information regarding the new unlock method has been disclosed; Julien doesn’t want to give Microsoft a chance to fix the security hole before his release. The only added bit of info is that the unlock tool will disable Microsoft’s built in phone-home code, which will prevent the device from re-locking itself after a sync.

Julien has also released a handful of other apps such as a registry editor and “Advanced Config”. The registry editor is compatible with WP7 devices from any manufacturer, and allows editing of many system variables that are not normally exposed to the user. The registry editor allows read/write access to HTC, LG, and Samsung devices; currently the Dell Venue Pro works only in read-only mode.

Source: TouchXperience, Facebook

Via: winrumors

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