Editor’s Note: Since neither of us were able to edit the show thanks to extenuating conditions, we had some help this week comes from Brittany Gervais. The sound in this show is a little more “raw” as compared to previous shows, but it’s thanks to her that we have a podcast in your feed this week!

Apologies in advance for that, but we hope you enjoy the show!

We’re getting confirmations on new OnePlus hardware. More rumors are popping up on Galaxy S8 hardware. We reveal that mystery Windows phone from last week, and a Canadian dating app saw a huge influx of new users, for no reason…

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November 10, 2016


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6:39 | OnePlus teases the Qualcomm 821 coming soon…

14:55 | No home button on the Galaxy S8?

22:19 | That mystery Windows phone was a Dell, who would’ve guessed…

28:44 | Lenovo moving to Moto branding for all phones.

33:21 | Wait, what’s an LG V20 S? 

37:57 | Rumors point to a “Jet White” iPhone 7.

42:36 | But no new iPhone SE for 2017…

53:43 | Meizu wants you to expect the unexpected this Christmas.

58:52 | And Canadian dating app Maple saw an influx of users for no reason…

See you next week!

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