Apple has long been known as a successful company, having sat atop BrandZ’s list of the world’s most valuable global brands for three years now. Its streak has now been broken, though, and the company to take its spot isn’t quite surprising. Though Apple remains a strong company at the number two position, Google has it down when it comes down to the race to be the world’s most valuable.

Google’s brand value now sits around $159 billion, which is a 40% increase from last year — impressive. Apple’s brand value comes in near $148 billion, a 20% decrease from 2013. This does not mean that Apple is about to crash and burn now, though, as it still holds the number two spot by a considerable margin of about $40 billion.

Some other favorite companies of ours are also present in the top 20 spots (out of the published 100). Microsoft is up three spots to number four, and AT&T is down to the eighth position despite a 3% increase in brand value from last year. Verizon is up one rank to the eleventh spot, coming off a 20% year-over-year brand value increase. For the fast food lovers among you, McDonald’s is down one spot, although it is still one of the top five companies.

Be sure to take a look at the full chart by clicking through the source link down below.

Source: MillwardBrown
Via: Phandroid

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