Wistron India plant getting started with iPhone 6s Plus production

Apple will be making the iPhone 6s Plus out of a plant in India soon. The plant is run by assembly partner Wistron out of Bengaluru and The Economic Times reports from its sources that its going through trial runs for the next two weeks.

Why the iPhone 6s Plus? Well, it turns out that this phone has proven to be a more popular product than some of Apple’s other iPhones, including the iPhone SE — the model that was being made in the Wistron plant up until now.

Add in the fact that it’s a phone from 2015 and its heavily discounted pricing comes into play. But with the efficiencies of localizing production, it’s said that prices for the 6s Plus could drop by as much as 7 percent, making it comparable to a typical OnePlus phone. However, imports will continue to flow in from China until the Bengaluru plant can grow its capacity to match domestic demand. India recently raised import taxes on mobile phones from 15 percent to 20 percent.

Apple has also contracted with two more parts suppliers in the country for iPhone chargers, adapters and packaging.

The company had to establish manufacturing presence in India as a condition of setting up first-party retail stores in the country.

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