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Wirelessly Connect a PS3 Controller To Your Android

By Stephen Schenck August 9, 2011, 8:04 pm

News of Sony’s Xperia Play PlayStation emulator being hacked for operation with additional ISOs may be great news if you have one of the smartphones and are looking for new ways to take advantage of your Play’s slide-out gamepad, but what about the rest of Android users who have no such dedicated gaming hardware on their phones? Touch screens are ideal input devices for some apps, but others struggle to make them work. Sometimes, you just really want hardware buttons to jam on. If you’ve got a PlayStation 3 controller lying around, you may be in luck, with the release of the Sixaxis Controller app.

Supporting both the Sixaxis as well as the DualShock 3, the app connects to your controller over Bluetooth and allows you to use it as an input device with other Android apps.

Compatibility is a bit of an issue, since not all smartphones are fans of the Bluetooth protocol used by the app, but there’s a free version you can use to test your phone before sinking the $1.67 on the fully-functional edition. In either case, you will need root to run the app.

If you’re a fan of classic gaming via emulator on your Android, this could be a really convenient way to get back some of that tactile experience lost on a touchscreen.

Source: Android Market

Via: Droid-life

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