Speculation heats up as to wireless charging support on iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus

Let’s be honest here, even with a so-called “wraparound” OLED screen in tow, all-glass or mostly-glass construction, the “highest level” of water resistance achievable, a “next-gen” PowerVR GPU and perhaps more than your typically incremental performance upgrades, a $1,000+ iPhone 8 sounds… a little extreme.

Almost prohibitive for the vast majority of mainstream mobile device consumers not dealing in oil, especially across those key markets Apple is so desperately trying to penetrate. But old habits die hard, and you can’t just give up on inflated profit margins when they’re so deeply rooted in your company DNA.

It definitely looks like the iPhone 8 (or X) will cost a lot more to manufacture than its repetitive predecessors, including various wireless charging adoption expenses. There’s the cost of the actual technology, and according to distinguished KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, an extra $5 a unit might be spent on revised 3D Touch modules with “additional graphite sheet lamination” for overheating prevention.

What’s interesting is Kuo expects all three 2017 iPhones to integrate wireless charging capabilities of some sort. Of course, if Apple truly wants to make a splash, it should consider long-range cable-free charging at least for the higher-end, larger, practically borderless version. After all, inductive solutions have been around for years, and Android OEMs still can’t convince us they’re major smartphone selling points. Fingers crossed for real progress this time around!

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