Why pay now when you can wait until you have to pay everything else? Okay, besides this being the recipe to another subprime mortgage crisis, we’re actually not technically talking about credit. If you plan on grabbing a few apps or anything else from the Windows Store for your Windows 10 device, if you’re on Sprint, you can wait until your monthly bill comes up to pay for that stuff.

Boku, a company specializing in integrating third-party service charges into carrier bills, has expanded its agree with Microsoft to route Windows Store purchases for Windows 10 devices to carrier bills.

Sprint is the only US carrier to work with Boku for bill integration. Boku promises that other carriers in other countries will also get the Windows Store integration as time goes on.

Instead of having to deal with the complications of credit cards — this is especially complicated in territories where the banking infrastructure is especially fragile — you can now just plop in your cellphone number and account password.

Whatever the case may be with your LumiaSurface or PC, if your Microsoft account is tied to your Sprint account, the app will download and the charge will appear on your next bill.

Boku has integrated Windows Store purchases for previous Windows Phone builds. That resulted in an eight-fold increase in app purchase rates for emerging markets and a tripling in developed countries.

The company carries other services like Google Play and Spotify.

Source: Forbes
Via: Phone Scoop

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