Now that Microsoft has revealed the pricing for the Windows RT-running Surface tablet, everyone’s comparing those figures to the rest of the tablet landscape. A lot of that attention has been focused on Surface arriving at price points that seem to line up nicely with the Apple’s iPad 3. The only difference is, while the $500 iPad 3 is Apple’s 16GB model, the $500 Surface has 32GB storage. Could Microsoft have come up with an even cheaper Surface, beating Apple’s prices, if it made a 16GB version available? It turns out that may not have been possible at all, upon news of just how much space Windows RT takes up.

On a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread, Ricardo Lopez, Microsoft’s Test Manager for Surface RT, talked a little bit about just how large the basic software package on the Surface tablet is. While he didn’t break things down too far, or provide very specific numbers, he did reveal that the Windows RT operating system, along with Office RT and a number of apps, consumes nearly 12GB.

We don’t know just how much bulk those extra, unnamed apps account for, but it seems clear that trying to shove all that into 16GB would leave the user with precious little space for himself. Maybe that wouldn’t be a problem with enough cloud connectivity, but who would want to take home a new tablet and see that it’s already three-quarters full?

Source: Reddit
Via: phoneArena

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