Windows Phone VP Acknowledges OS ‘Awareness Problem’

Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Windows Phone, the one who replaced Andrew Lees back in December last year, has acknowledged that the Redmond-made operating system is still facing an awareness problem.

“When people try it, they generally love it”, said Myerson but the real problem is that “people just don’t know about Windows Phone”. “We know we need to do something new and different”, he added, but no further details were made public.

Windows Phone is doing relatively good on AT&T — the “premier” Windows Phone carrier — but the same can’t be said about Sprint and Verizon. The Trophy on Big Red was a tad late to the show (CDMA support and all) but Myerson added that Microsoft is “working on a relationship with both of them”.

What in store for the near future? Microsoft, Nokia and AT&T announced the Lumia 900 Windows Phone which could further increase the popularity of Windows Phone but, it is still an AT&T device, even with 4G LTE support. T-Mobile already has the Lumia 710 and Windows Phone Tango and Apollo are both scheduled for this year. The HTC Trophy on Verizon and the HTC Arrive on Sprint badly need wave-two successors! Maybe Nokia will bring a flagship to both of them!

Source: AllThingsD

Via: Electronista

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