In between Windows Phone Mango and Apollo should come, according to rumors, Windows Phone Tango and we’ve already seen one of the features shown off: Content Search. There are also rumors circulating according to which Tango should be there to support budget (Nokia) Windows Phones but there’s nothing certain at the moment.

The same place on Earth, Slovakia (from where the previous Content Search information surfaced) seems to be the source of this sighting: Windows Phone Build 8200 on HTC HD7 and, according to reports, was allegedly on sale over at Facebook (don’t worry, the post has been taken down). The thing to remember here is that Build 8200 (Tango or no Tango) is out there and it seems to be running on an HTC HD7. Wonder how long after Mango’s release that we’ll get to see Tango officially.

Source: Facebook (removed), Pretaktovanie

Via: TechCrunch

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