Over at XDA-Developers, Bobzero was able to capture the CAB file URLs of the latest Windows Phone updates that have begun being pushed out through the Zune software.  There are separate CAB files for OS updates, language updates, and OEM specific firmware updates.  Once the CAB files are downloaded, if you really want to update your Windows Phone, it’s possible to mimick Zune’s update installer using the “CAB Sender” utility.  You can find out more about exactly how to do that in this thread, but as usual take caution as these unofficial update methods have the potential for bricking your device and certainly voiding the warranty.  Note that you’ll need to install the 8112 CABs first and then the 8773 CABs as well as the languages CABs.  While these updates are mainly being pushed to the Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 at this time, it’s possible that you can use them to update any other current Windows Phone since the OS update CABs are separate.

Source: WMPoweruser

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