Windows Phone Store surpasses 200,000 apps

Fixing the Windows Phone app gap is Microsoft’s responsibility, we opined in an Editorial back in August, and it looks like that’s also what the Redmond-company is thinking: Joe Belfiore announced that said app gap will end together with 2014, something which we think will only be possible once smaller developers are on-board.

There’s no denying that the software title situation has greatly improved in Windows Phone-land. The Store now offers more than 200,000 applications, and, while there’s definitely something for everyone — and important offerings like Vine, and Instagram are constantly being added — there are still crucial items missing, most of which have to do with either Google and its services, or developers not yet seeing the opportunity to invest in a Windows Phone client (in addition to their Android and iOS counterparts).

200,000 titles is much, much less than what Apple and Google are offering (according to a recent report, 1 million, and 900,000, respectively) but it is also a great improvement over what early adopters experienced, enough to offer a decent smartphone experience (unless you’re invested in other ecosystems, in which case there’s little point in owning a Windows Phone).

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog
Via: PhoneArena

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