Fixing the Windows Phone app gap is Microsoft’s responsibility, we opined in an Editorial back in August, and it looks like that’s also what the Redmond-company is thinking: Joe Belfiore announced that said app gap will end together with 2014, something which we think will only be possible once smaller developers are on-board.

There’s no denying that the software title situation has greatly improved in Windows Phone-land. The Store now offers more than 200,000 applications, and, while there’s definitely something for everyone — and important offerings like Vine, and Instagram are constantly being added — there are still crucial items missing, most of which have to do with either Google and its services, or developers not yet seeing the opportunity to invest in a Windows Phone client (in addition to their Android and iOS counterparts).

200,000 titles is much, much less than what Apple and Google are offering (according to a recent report, 1 million, and 900,000, respectively) but it is also a great improvement over what early adopters experienced, enough to offer a decent smartphone experience (unless you’re invested in other ecosystems, in which case there’s little point in owning a Windows Phone).

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog
Via: PhoneArena

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