Progress isn’t just about welcoming the new, although that’s often a big part of it. It can also mean that we have to say goodbye to the old, sacrificing sometimes-beloved features in the name of what’s next. Back in 2012, when Microsoft was first introducing us to Windows Phone 8, we learned about Rooms, private invitation-only spaces where you could share information and media with specific people; maybe you’d create a Room for your family, or for a close group of friends. Last week we saw the Windows 10 Technical Preview become available for certain WP8.1 devices, and it landed without a trace of Rooms to be found. Today Microsoft makes what you may have suspected official: Rooms is being killed off.

Microsoft is formally pulling the plug on Rooms as of next month. Starting then, existing Rooms will still show up on WP8 and WP8.1 handsets, and while you’ll be able to look at stuff you already shared, you won’t be able to do anything new. On Windows 10, you won’t even get that much, and Microsoft suggests you use other apps to access your Rooms content, like Photos, Calendar, and Notes.

With Rooms going the way of the dodo, we’re curious: will you be sad to see it go? Were you an active Rooms user either recently or in the more distant past? Or was it just too difficult to round-up enough Windows Phones users in your close circles to make the feature worthwhile?

Source: Microsoft

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