What’s New in This Week’s Windows Phone 8 Portico Update (Video)

You may have already heard about how Microsoft made an over-the-air update available this week to Windows Phone 8X owners, but have you seen all of the new features in action?  Now you can!  In this video we’ll show you how the new incoming caller’s reply-with-text button works, the new “select all” option in the messaging app, the new drafts folder for text messages, and the excellent new WiFi keep-alive option which keeps your WiFi network connected even when the screen times out.  Yes, I know Windows Mobile had the reply-with-text option in the last decade, but it’s nice to finally see it return.  In the Settings > Applications > Phone area, if you scroll to the bottom you’ll find a spot where you can edit four pre-made SMS responses.  Those responses will show up in the reply-with-text option for easy, two-touch replies to incoming calls.  Of course, there’s an option to type your own response as well.  SMS messages that you start typing and then back out of the app before sending are now saved in a “Drafts” folder that you can access from the “…” ellipses menu in the Messaging app.  When you’re in the Messaging app threads listing and turn on the select mode, the ellipses menu now also offers a “select all” option for easy deletion of all of your text message threads.  The “select all” option hasn’t made it to any of the other list items yet though.  One bug that I was hoping would be fixed, but is more likely a problem with the Facebook API is Windows Phone’s inability to display more than 100 photos per Facebook photo album.

The update is also supposed to fix the random reboot issue that has plagued some Windows Phone 8 devices.  Have you gotten the new Windows Phone 8 Portico update yet?  What do you think?

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