Windows Phone Marketplace Hits Milestone Of 20,000 Apps

After hitting 10,000 applications faster than anyone on March 12, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has reached another milestone having 20,000 applications up and ready for owners of Redmond-powered smartphones to download and use.

The addition of 10,000 applications in two and a half months means that there were more than 125 applications added on an daily average in the past seventy-something days. The initial 10,000 was reached after close to five months from the platform launch making Windows Phone 7 Marketplace already the fastest growing application store.

Of course, as with any software market, there are definitely some low-quality applications up in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace with the only benefit or raising totals but that’s the case with Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market too. With the Mango Tools out and the platform refresh announced, we can expect an even further growth until the end of the year, probably reaching more than 50,000 applications by 2012.

For further details and a breakdown of the applications by category, languages, price and more, follow the source link to see the complete stats.

Source: Windows Phone Applist

Via: WPCentral

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