WP Mango Will Support Connections To Hidden SSID WiFi [Update]

We couldn’t possibly show you all the 500+ features Windows Phone Mango will bring, according to Steve Ballmer himself, but we tried in our Windows Phone Mango preview as well as in the Mango Beta 1 versus Beta 2 face-off.

One thing we couldn’t show you though was Mango’s ability to connect to WiFi hotspots with hidden SSID. It wasn’t enabled in either Mango Beta — and it’s not a feature in Windows Phone, let it be initial release or NoDo. According to Brandon Watson, the ability to connect to hidden SSID WiFi networks will be present on the shipping version of the platform. It wasn’t enabled in the Beta 2 but the RTM version, the one you’ll get on the phone, will definitely have this feature enabled. One more thing to strike out on the missing feature list.

Update: As you can see in the image below, the support is implemented. The screenshot is taken from a Fujitsu-Toshina IS12T which definitely runs final code and you can notice the Add button as well as the next screen enabling you to enter the SSID for the hidden network.

is12t 34a

Source: Twitter, Nanapho


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