Windows Phone Mango is probably the most anticipated platform (refresh) for mobile devices coming out of Redmond. Those lucky (brave) enough already got a taste of Mango using Beta or RTM versions and, while we showed you how to downgrade to NoDo, it appears that Microsoft will make an upgrade path available that doesn’t need you to revert. Here’s the status of the Mango updates for the U.S. carriers, according to current reports:

Sprint will most probably start the roll-out process of Mango for its Arrive Windows Phone. If the information on its own support page is to be believed (and we don’t see a reason why not), the 2305.13.40301.651 Windows Phone Mango update should go live today, September 27.

Verizon has confirmed previous rumors for a September 27 roll-out on its Twitter page where, late last night they tweeted: “The highly anticipated Windows Phone “Mango” update will be available for Verizon Wireless customers tomorrow”. That tomorrow is going to be today, September 27.

AT&T was already rumored to go live with the Mango updates for the HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus starting today, September 27. There was no official information to confirm the rumors but give the official information the other carriers made public, the AT&T roll-out for today seems very plausible.

Additionally, an alleged leaked AT&T memo confirms the above, stating that “effective September 27, 2011, customers with AT&T branded HTC Surround, LG Quantum and Samsung Focus devices are scheduled to receive a notification that an update is available”.

T-Mobile seems to be the “mysterious” one (and we hope they prove reports wrong). A recent conversation between a customer and a carrier rep reveals that the updates will hit “this fall”. Today is fall already and if it seems like we’re stretching it a bit it must be so. The rep could have been wrong or T-Mobile might not deliver starting today…

If any of our readers receive an official Mango update, let us know in the comments below, mentioning the carrier, make and model of your Windows Phone. Everything’s shaping up to imply that today will be Mango day.

Source: Sprint, Twitter, WMPU, WindowsPhoneMetro

Via: WPCentral, VZBuzz, WPCentral

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