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Ready for a little déjà vu? Last year, right on the first day of summer, we heard a rumor that HTC was working on a new device for its One family of smartphones. This wasn’t the One Mini, though, and the One Max was still months away; instead, we heard that HTC could be cooking-up a handset very similar to its flagship One, but running Windows Phone 8. Sadly, nothing else really came of that rumor, but this year a new spin on the old idea is back in full effect, with claims arriving that HTC could be developing a Windows Phone edition of the all new One.

Like last year’s rumor, this one isn’t necessarily saying that we’d get a carbon copy of the new One, albeit running Microsoft’s platform, but that this handset would clearly be related to the Android flagship, keeping the same design elements and hardware features: specifically, there’s mention of the metal body and that Duo Camera arrangement.

The whole thing is such an intriguing notion that we have to temper our enthusiasm, lest we get ahead of ourselves; right now, this is all based on the word of a single, anonymous source, and this project could end being no more real year than that first-gen One WP8 rumor. That said, we’d love it if there was even a hint of truth to this, so we’ll be on the lookout for any corroboration that we might be able to dig up.

Source: WPDang (Google Translate)
Via: WPCentral

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