It’s no secret that Windows Phone apps can be a little bit expensive, but do high prices translate into users actually shelling-out that kind of cash? For games, at least, that seems to be the case, and the results of a recent survey show not only a higher percentage of Windows Phone users paying for games in general, but paying higher prices on a regular basis when they do.

The survey looks at how much users of the three major platforms pay for their games on a monthly basis. Unsurprisingly, the majority of us fall in the “paying something, but less than five dollars” bracket; that easily covers a few $0.99 impulse buys every once in a while.

What gets interesting is what’s happening on the ends of the spectrum. Compared to Apple and Android users, fewer Windows Phone gamers get through the month without spending anything at all, while Android has far-and-away the most freeloaders. As we move up the ranks into higher and higher tiers of app spending, Windows Phone really makes itself known; when it comes to gamers who spend between $5 and $50 a month on apps, the largest portion of them consists of Windows Phone users.

Maybe this is because more Windows Phone users are dedicated gamers to begin with, having developed interest in the platform after years of playing Xbox. Maybe the reduced selection of Windows Phone apps makes its users more grateful for what they do have available, and they’re willing to show that with their pocketbooks. Whatever the reason is, we bet at least some developers are seeing this data and starting to get pretty curious about making the move over to Windows Phone.

Source: EEDAR
Via: WPCentral

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