We’ve heard of the 8107 update for Windows Phone at the very beginning of 2012; it is supposed to bring both fixes to privacy as well as the keyboard which in certain scenarios disappears. Microsoft announced that the 8107 update will be available “to all carriers that request it” but the build number was the highest we’ve officially heard of.

The database of the popular WP Bench application — used for basic Windows Phone benchmarking — now features a build number 7.10.8745. It first surfaced in the app some four days ago and is reportedly running on an HTC 7 Pro. What are we looking at here? Could this be fake, a device specific update or an early build of some sort for the upcoming Tango update? There’s also a 7.10.8714 build listed and, together with 8745, are the two builds higher than the officially rolled-out 8107.

Given that the the previous officially acknowledged fix was bumping the build numbers from 7740 to 8107, the 8714 could very well be just another bugfix and improvements update. The 8107 update did not fix the SMS security vulnerability in Windows Phone so we might very well be looking at that.

Thanks: Nithin

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