Windows Phone 9 preview version could be coming in early 2015

Already sick of Windows Phone 8.1? You may want to begin looking forward to early next year. A new report states that we could be seeing a Windows Phone 9 preview version, along with the same for Windows 9, any time between Q2 and Q3 2015.

The leaked document this information comes from mentions the dates stated above for both preview releases, though it isn’t too specific. Q2 and Q3 range all the way from April to September, so we are still far from an exact release date.

Apparently, both Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 are well into development, though there is still much time to go. We unfortunately do not know if any new features will be present on these new software builds, though there more than likely will be some goodies.

Finally, the leaked document mentions “Windows 365,” and with Microsoft’s new cloud-centered approach, we wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar to Office 365 show up, except for its desktop OS.

Source: MYCE
Via: Phone Arena

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