Here’s our unboxing video and first boot of the Windows Phone 8x by HTC. This is a pre-release device which does not include final packaging or software, but you can get a good idea of what it’s going to come with and how the first-boot sequence is going to be. You do get stereo headphones with the device, which is a good idea since this one has Beats Audio with a dedicated audio amplifier built in. Of course, you get a MicroUSB cable (that’s kind of short), and a USB charging adapter. There’s also a little MicroSIM card slot pin that you’ll need to use to open the tray on the phone in order to insert your MicroSIM card. There is not removable battery since the phone is designed to be a very seamless smooth shape with only holes for a 3.5mm headset and MicroUSB port. Even the camera and flash on the back are completely flush with the body.

We also do a first-boot with the device in the video below and, while we haven’t done a side-by-side comparison just yet, our first reaction is that the initial startup a bit slower than Windows Phone 7.5. The initial setup sequence is very much the same as Windows Phone 7.5. Be sure to check out our review of Windows Phone 8 the operating system and stay tuned for more on the Windows Phone 8x.