We just told you about the complaints some Lumia 920 users were making that, following the installation of the new Windows Phone 8 10211 update, their phones were having trouble controlling screen brightness. That sounds annoying enough, but we’re now hearing from other users that the update has failed to correct the problems with resets and freeze-ups that plagued the platform, and may even be triggering problems in previously well-behaving phones.

One user who noticed his Lumia 920 locking-up following all-night-long charging sessions claims that, upon calling AT&T for technical support, was told by the operator that he was just one of many Windows Phone users who had contacted the carrier to report similar problems. We realize this is just hearsay, and we shouldn’t put an overabundance of faith in its accuracy, but supposedly the operator suggested that AT&T believes there could be a problem with the update.

We’d be curious to learn if other models besides the 920 are being similarly affected, as well as what T-Mobile was up to with its last-minute changes for its own HTC 8X update; had it anticipated a problem like this and took steps to avoid it?

Source: WMPoweruser

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