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Tile Launcher Makes Your Android Look like Windows Phone, Only Better! (Video)

By Joe Levi January 18, 2013, 1:23 pm
Tile Launcher

One of the complaints we have here at Pocketnow is how the iOS experience is getting someone "stale." Over time people may want to change the way their smartphone or tablet looks. On Android, it's not difficult to refresh your experience just by installing a new launcher to give your device an entirely new feel. If you don't like it, or tire of it after a little while you should be able to change it. With Android, you can!

Today we're going to take a look at Tile Launcher Beta, a launcher that attempts to emulate the look-and-feel of Windows Phone 8's tile-based home screen. The tiles in this launcher aren't nearly as busy or animated as Windows Phone's Live Titles, for me that's a good thing. It's not as feature-filled as some of the other launchers available today, but it's quick, it's geeky, and it's fun. You can put shortcuts, icons, or even widgets inside your tiles (though you will have to grant permission to Tile Launcher to do so when you add your first widget). Hit play and we'll show off some of the features, and we'll even show you how it will look on your Android tablet!


Before you jump all over me in the comments with statements like "that doesn't look like Windows 8", "this-and-such-launcher is better!", or "if you want a Windows Phone 8, why don't you just get one!", give me a little flexibility. No, this launcher doesn't look "exactly" like Windows Phone, it's not really supposed to — though it is similar. Other launchers may be better suited to meet your needs, or might look better to you. That's great! We're celebrating diversity and the flexibility to enable you and others to do set up your phone or tablet the way you prefer! If you want a Windows Phone 8 device, get one. No argument there, but if you already have an Android-based phone or tablet and you want to give it a fresh look and feel, here's yet another way to do just that.

Download: Tile Launcher Beta

Via: XDA


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