Shantanu Gawde, a 16-year old kid from India, is more than what you’d call a kid. He’s not into pushing his Dad for the car keys, nor trying to act older at a club entrance like we did at his age. At age 7 he became a Microsoft Certified Application Developer, and today he’s being regarded as the youngest “ethical hacker” in India, even if ethics and hacking don’t always go together. He recently became famous for hacking Kinect into taking photographs of their users without their consent, which doesn’t bare any ethics at all, but this is just to give you an idea of how geeky a true geek is.

His new project: Windows Phone 8. According to Gawde, he’ll show the world just how he can infect a Windows Phone 8 device during the Malcon Security Conference in New Delhi next month. Now sadly, this is not the sort of demonstration we were hoping for. His plans are not really to show us how to Jailbreak a phone, but instead to show us how the exploits he discovered will allow a hacker to steal your contact information, personal data and even photos from devices. Yeah, I’m still trying to find the ethics in this whole project.

At this time there is sadly no proof that his intentions have worked, but Malcon is scheduled for November 23rd, and I’m sure we’ll all have a public view of just how this works. I’m sure Microsoft will too.

Via: Phonearena

Source: Sophos

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