Windows Phone 7 Speed Comparison with NoDo (Video)

One of the advertised improvements in Windows Phone 7 March update dubbed NoDo — besides the Copy/Paste feature added — is the improved performance. Microsoft has reduced application loading times and also made programs resume faster.

In this video we will compare Windows Phone 7 NoDo to Windows Phone 7 pre-NoDo and see how they perform. Windows Phone 7 February update (aka pre-NoDo) doesn’t bring any features or improvements (we know of) but only prepares the devices to receive the March update.

We’ve used two LG Optimus 7 devices which were basically mirrored with the exact same amount of data installed on both of them (music, videos, pictures, applications and games). We need to say that LG Optimus 7 is among the fastest Windows Phone 7 devices on the market because it features NAND storage opposed to others which employ microSD cards to extend the space. Check out the video below and let us know of your thoughts!

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