April Fools: Windows Phone 7 Series To Be Open Source

Microsoft announced today that its newest mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 Series will be open source. The announcement came early this morning out of Redmond stating that developers will be able to create their own programs starting with the official launch of the new operating system in late October.

Steve Ballmer explained that, “With so many social networks now having such a grip on the mobile community it only makes sense that we allow third party developers free range over our newest mobile platform. The Zune HD was an experiment to see how future endeavors would increase the profitability of Microsoft’s mobile market. Games, application, and utilities already in the works for the Zune HD will be completely portable to the Windows Phone 7 Series line of products.”

Many people were shocked over Microsoft’s announcement this morning and shareholders were in an uproar over the possible losses of revenue. Microsoft said that they would rely more on developer’s applications by charging a nominal fee based on advertising and commercializing of mobile products.

WP7S will still have to adhere to the same strict hardware requirements that were emplaced during the launch of the emulator a couple weeks ago such as a WVGA resolution screen, capacitive touch, three hardware buttons, and at least a 1gz processor.

Ballmer stated, “Developers of the new Windows Phone 7 Series may begin modeling their applications after our release of the free emulator. The actual operating DRM will be open source and available for download a couple of months before the launch of the first phone with Windows Phone 7 Series.”

So will Microsoft be taking the same trip up the mountain as Google’s Android operating system? This will certainly cause many developers to rethink their approach to the new mobile platform.

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