Windows Phone 7 Series Theme for SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.3

We’ve been seeing tons of Windows Phone 7 Series themes for different interfaces on Windows Mobile lately. A new one has just popped up for one of the most popular UIs to date, SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.3. Mskip is well-known for his ongoing ProPlus series for Mobile Shell, but now it seems he’s shifted gears to a WP7S skin.

The Windows Phone 7 theme for Mobile Shell has some interesting features. The main Home screen is dressed up to look like the WP7S Start screen and swiping up will reveal the rest of this screen. These Home screens feature blue tiles/shortcuts for the clock, email/text/missed calls notifications, weather, pictures, SPB Menu, Windows media player, SPB Calendar, custom shortcuts, and some hubs. Of course, since it is Mobile Shell we’re talking about, you can rearrange, delete and add other tiles/widgets. Swiping from right to left on the first home screen takes you to a set of two panels for program shortcuts.


Tapping on the “Games and Fun” hub on the Home screen will take you to another set of sliding panels (3 in total) where you can add shortcuts to whatever you’d like. Likewise, clicking on the “Lifestyle and Work” hub reveals yet another set of sliding panels (3 more) where you can customize it with anything that pertains to those categories. The people hub houses Mobile Shell’s phone dialer, favorite contacts and missed calls panels. There are also hidden buttons along the right side of the home screen that link to phone profiles, Mobile Shell’s task manager, the wireless manager, and MS’s editing menu. The carousel button is hidden as well towards the upper-left side of the screen.


Mskip has figured out a way to orchestrate this theme by using many custom shortcuts and graphics. As I mentioned above, you can remove and add widgets, so much of what you see here is not set in stone – they’re just there by default. You can even remove the custom words printed at the top of the hubs. There are also some new WP7S styled skins for widgets to help coordinate and complete the theme.


If you’re a Mobile Shell fan and you’ve been waiting for a WP7S skin for it, now is your chance to give one a try. It’s available for WVGA and VGA devices, so head over to XDA-developers for the download. It’s recommended to apply the skin after installing a fresh copy of Mobile Shell 3.5.3.

Update: now available for (W)QVGA resolutions too.

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