Windows Phone 7 RTM: What’s Still Missing?

Back in July, when Windows Phone 7 was still very much in beta mode, we made a list of all of the features and functions that are missing in Windows Phone 7. Now, with the new operating system being released to manufacturing, we can take a look back at this list and update it. Note that we have yet to get our hands on the RTM build of Windows Phone 7, so consider this list speculation until we can confirm or deny the items first-hand.

– No Twitter integration (still missing)

– No copy and paste (still missing)

– No third-party multitasking/fast app switching (still missing)

– No Flash, Silverlight, or HTML5 support in the browser (still missing)

– No dedicated YouTube application (still missing)

– No way to stop Facebook contacts from mixing with global contacts (fixed!)

– No global email inbox (still missing)

– No threaded email (still missing)

– No organization of the full program list (it’s alphabetical) (still missing)

– No way of knowing if a long press is available (still missing)

– No universal search (still missing)

As you can see, most of the items on this list have yet to be addressed. For some users, these items will be of little importance in light of the many benefits of Windows Phone 7. We’ll have to see when and if they are addressed by Microsoft in future software updates.

Want a closer look at Windows Phone 7? Take a look at our video series!

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