Windows Phone 7 Now Runs Native Code; Jailbreak Imminent?

An important first step towards “jailbreaking” Windows Phone 7 may have been accomplished by Australian developer Chris Walsh, who has reportedly found a method to run so-called native code on the platform. Building on work by xda-developers member hounsell — who uncovered native DLL drivers from a third-party Samsung app called Network Profile — Walsh was apparently able to write his own application which bypasses the developer framework and communicates directly with the operating system. Unfortunately, this breakthrough is only said to be the first piece of the jailbreaking puzzle, as the development community must still figure out how to sideload non-Marketplace apps onto end user devices (Walsh was able to deploy his native code-accessing app only on a developer phone).

A recent interview with XDA coding legend Da_G suggested that sideloading apps would in fact be the first probable WP7 exploit, because of the “many methods of ingress.” More difficult, according to Da_G, will be modifying the system itself — allowing cooked ROMs to be flashed, for instance — because Microsoft has taken a much stricter stance on security with Windows Phone 7. Unlike Windows Mobile, which left most of the security implementation up to OEMs, Windows Phone apparently makes it very difficult to attain what’s known as superuser access. Least likely to happen are backports of the platform to legacy devices, save for the HD2, which will supposedly have a flashable WP7 ROM “soon.”

Source: Chris Walsh, i started something, XDA

Via: Redmond Pie

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