Windows Phone 7 Not Coming Until 2011 on Verizon [Update: Sprint Too]

BusinessWeek is reporting that Verizon Wireless has confirmed that it won’t be offering Windows phone 7 at launch. In fact, Windows Phone 7 devices from Microsoft won’t come until 2011 and the carrier was quick to reassure that its relationship with Microsoft is rock solid amidst speculations that the delay is due to the KIN fallout, which some are saying was cancelled due to disappointing sales. Verizon has had a strong relationship with Microsoft and the Windows Mobile platform; When Windows Mobile 6.5 was launched in October of last year, Verizon was among the first carrier to release a 6.5 device with the HTC Imagio.

Although Microsoft has announced that Windows Phone 7 would arrive on all four major U.S. carriers–Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, the OS-maker hasn’t given any indications when that would happen. Hopefully, on launch day AT&T won’t be the only U.S. carrier for Windows Phone 7.

We’re looking forward to seeing the HTC Spark world phone make its debut on Verizon.

Update: After Verizon’s revelation yesterday, Microsoft has publicly acknowledged that only GSM phones will be supported at launch, pushing any potential Windows Phone 7 launches on Sprint back into the first half of 2011. (via: Mobile Tech World and Cnet)

(via: BusinessWeek)

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