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Mango: Second, Major WP7 Update? Windows Phone 8 in 2012?

By Adam Z. Lein February 3, 2012, 12:07 am

Mary-Jo Foley of ZDnet has dug up some rumors about a few new updates for Windows Phone 7. First of all, there are a couple rumors of either one or two updates coming in January and February. Whichever month an update comes in, we know the first one will at least include the system-wide copy & paste feature.

The “Mango” update is going to be bigger than the first winter updates that we are expecting soon. The rumor is that Mango will be a lot like a Windows Phone OS version 7.5. It will include enhanced developer controls, programming interfaces for greater multi-tasking, in-app downloads and more customization. This is also supposedly the update that will bring HTML 5, in-browser Silverlight, and eastern language support.

Ms. Foley also casually mentions that Windows Phone 8 is due at the end of 2012, which makes sense but is nonetheless news to us.

Is Microsoft going to start using fruit names as update codenames? It certainly sounds a lot healthier than the high-calorie dessert codenames Google Android is using.

Source: ZDnet

Picture: Roots and Fruits

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