Windows Phone 7 Gaining Mac Compatibility?

It looks like if the tweet that Microsoft’s Oded Ran, which has since been deleted, is true, Microsoft will be hitting Apple where it hurts, bringing the fray of Windows Phone 7 devices to be compatible with the other desktop platform. Ran tweeted that the Zune desktop client will also be making its way to the Mac ecosystem, which would presumably bring synchronization, app management, and music discovery on OS X.

Microsoft had never really embraced Mac users–an official desktop synchronization client was never released for the Windows Mobile ecosystem, but since the release of the KIN phone and the announcement of Windows Phone 7, people at Microsoft seem to be more open to the idea. When we had earlier questioned Microsoft about OS X integration, Microsoft had used the same coy non-committal answer every time, stating that the company was looking into it.

A Zune desktop client on the Mac would make waves as it would not only bring Zune and Windows support to OS X users, but may tempt OS X owners to switching to a Windows Phone 7. Though it’s unclear if Windows Phone 7 would create the same halo-like effect for potential switchers like how the iPhone is wooing PC users to adopt the OS X operating system after having played with Apple’s phone, Microsoft does have a strong chance to re-build its image as a consumer-centric company and give iTunes and iPhone a serious challenger.

(via: Neowin and Engadget)

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